I’m Allison Compton-MacComb and I’m the chief editor with Writers’ Tears Literary Consulting and Editing.


  • I’m a former high school English teacher.
  • I have 5 years of experience working on marketing research, content development, and content strategy projects.
  • I have a detailed knowledge of digital marketing which lends itself well to promoting e-books online.
  • I read a minimum of one book per week and deeply understand the style and voice of modern novels and short stories.

The process

Curious about how the editing and literary consulting process works?

  • We do a full read through the manuscript making high level notes and a timeline of the plot, but mostly I try to understand and enjoy the manuscript as a reader.
  • Then we review the notes to decide the areas which may need the most attention.
  • After this, we re-read the manuscript and focus on the details to discover plot holes, point-of-view issues, consistency in your characters, and tone of voice.
  • After we have analyzed your submitted piece, we write up the full writers’ report.
  • We will send the report and schedule the half-hour follow up call with you.

We conduct the half-hour follow up call so your editor can answer any questions you have about the report.

Book a consultation

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Here I am

I haven’t stopped reading since I first could sound out my first word. Ever since I was a child, books have provided access to worlds which I could never have experienced or dreamed about otherwise.

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