Substantive/Structural Editing Only

$5/page USD**

**Writers’ Tears considers 250 words as 1 page.

You have an outline for a short story or novella and would like feedback on the idea, plot, and characters. Here’s how Writers’ Tears can help you develop your short story.

  • Review of up to a 5-page outline/synopsis of the short story you’re planning to write.
  • A report on the strengths and areas for improvement of the short story.
  • A half-hour review call to review the document and discuss findings and changes.


$15/page USD**

**Writers’ Tears considers 250 words as 1 page.

You would like your short story reviewed for a page by page copyedit and polishing before sending it for publishing.

  • A full manuscript read through.
  • A page by page, line by line copyedit with comments and feedback in Track Changes in Microsoft Word

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